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27th June 2016

Dear Colleague,

Ask A Question

Each week I get emails from people asking all kinds of questions, sometimes they’re quick and easy to answer, sometimes they’re a bit more complex. Read the rest

20th June 2016

Dear Colleague,

Prohibition Checks for anyone in ‘teaching work’ and management roles

The new ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ for September 2016 specifies that all staff engaged in ‘teaching work’ and those people in a ‘management role’, must be checked to see whether they have been prohibited from teaching or management of a school. Read the rest

9th May 2016

Dear Colleague,

School Toilets

When chatting with students during my safeguarding reviews, the subject of toilets sometimes comes up, particularly in secondary schools. Read the rest

18th January 2015

Safer Recruitment

The appropriate vetting of people working in schools and colleges is of utmost importance. The accurate recording of these checks on the Single Central Record (SCR) is equally important. Read the rest

14th September 2015

UPDATE – Keeping Children Safe in Education – July 2015

I had a few emails this week asking about the latest update to Keeping Children Safe in Education. Read the rest