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Email details

Hi my account wont let me change my email, I thought I already had, but I can only get in using my old email address Read the rest

Exclusion during Covid?

If an SEN pupil of a key worker continues to display unsafe behaviours in school during this time, after we have created a comprehensive risk assessment, is a final option to provide a fixed term exclusion or just arrange with the parent that the pupil doesn’t come into school? Read the rest

Keeping DBS


So in line with KCSIE, we don’t keep a copy of DBS.

However, have just had one back for a staff member about to be employed showing a minor incident when they were 17 (11 years ago). Read the rest


I teach in a college 16-19 years,we are currently undertaking Teams training, today we were introduced to something called Flipgrid, for use in Teams. Read the rest

Google meets lessons and recordings

I need some prompt advice around being the named person for monitoring our teachers and home tutors recordings of their
Google meets lessons for our health needs PRU – checking there are no safeguarding concerns and then deleting these once a given timeframe had passed. Read the rest